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Transformation – A worthy experience!

Transformation – A worthy experience!

Processes are the heart of every organization which helps defining success, while there are continuous and extreme changes happening in internal and external environment.

All organizations, be it large, medium or small sized, are planning extensively to get into a transformation journey which can actually bring a difference in the way they are executing operations presently. Though Organizations do not want this activity to be another tick in the box for getting a tag of “digitally transformed tech enabled organization” but it’s often observed that they struggle to get the ROI which these programs are expected to deliver.

Many of our customers have this question, how can we guarantee success with such large size transformation initiatives? Though there is no guarantee of tomorrow but yes if we ask right set of questions to ourselves as leader, we will set an example by showing how a journey towards successful transformation should look like.

Before we embark on the journey of transformation, we should be having answers to each one of the following:

  • What is the clear objective behind transformation?

Any change for an organization shall begin with business strategy led objective. We should know how we can translate the strengthening of our function to support business strategy into transformation ambitions. It is important to pick areas which will benefit in long run in fulfilling the strategy that is aimed for

  • What are the capabilities you would like to focus to achieve transformation objective?

Let’s look inclusive and beyond people, process and technology dimension to identify capability which is more holistic and is relevant to your scenario. Identify critical capabilities that helps you deliver greater value and help you achieve your objective by touching all the key dimension

  • What level of organizational commitment is required to get the qualitative output?

A successful transformation requires a great plan & a right team but is not limited to these criteria. Transformation requires great persistence and long-term commitment which at times is a biggest challenge for the business function and becomes hindrance in the successful completion of the initiative. The best way forward is to create additional capacity by engaging right skillset internally or externally. A committed leadership along with change champions who have subject matter expertise when clubbed with the right partner for execution guarantees a great experience

Seeing a transformation across the finish line is difficult, but commitment and accountability throughout is the best way to drive success. Let’s set it right this time...